Amber's friends reflect on her life:

“The first thing that I comes to my mind is Amber’s energy. It was impossible to be around Roo (short for Amber-roo, my nickname for her) and not be happy. Roo had the most infectious smile and attitude. Someone once described her as a bouncy ball in a rubber room. I don’t know if it would be possible to phrase it any better.”

"That was one thing Amber never lacked – FUN. Her warm personality and huge smile could make anyone’s day. Ask anyone in our close group of friends, and they will tell you Amber was the glue or the heart and soul of the group. She was the common thread that brought a lot of us together."

"Everything about Amber sparkled. When she entered a room, she brought an energy that attracted every single person in it...Her confidence and self-assurance made her the person everyone wanted to be around. She knew who she was, and she knew what she wanted. I envied her sense of self, and I couldn't wait to see what she would accomplish in life."

" 'Trouble has arrived'…it’s the first thing to mind when I reflect back on the life of Amber Volk.  Not because Amber was a trouble maker, but because Amber was the one girl I knew that could light up a room with her smile and lift the spirits of everyone around her by simply walking through the door."

"The thing I remember most about Amber was character. Her determination to be the best person she could possibly be in every aspect of her life was second to none. Her work ethic was something I had always admired and I aspired to be more like Amber in my own life, and I still do."

"During my junior year of college, our group of friends would watch a movie every Sunday night together. I remember those nights so vividly because of Amber; she always brought out the best in all of us because she brought so much life to our group."

"From her I have learned to tell people every day what they mean to me. I have learned to set goals for my life and believe that with real dedication I can attain them. I have learned that relationships are essential in life and everything else is simply a bonus. As sad as I am without her and as much as I miss her, I am truly lucky to have had such a wonderful person in my life."

"Over the last couple years, it was so amazing to watch Amber grow in her faith-- I saw her passion and drive for making Christ the center of her life.  I admired her faith so much and learned so much from her about mirroring that in my own life."

"When we lost Amber a year ago, a part of me felt that I would never feel that same warm presence in my life again.  The kind heart and caring person that had spent hours listening to my complaints and advising me on the minute problems of my life was no longer there to challenge me and lift me up.  Over the last year however, I have realized that Amber’s passing was not the end of this calming presence in my life.  Watching the growth and support that has poured out in celebration of her life has been amazing."

"I find so much comfort that God let her bless so many people before he took her to be with him.  I find comfort in all the blessings that came out of such a tragedy.  I'm so thankful for the way she have changed all of our lives and I just keep praying for her constant presence."

"Amber could take a person she’d known for five minutes and immediately be able to tell you the strengths that person possessed, which of course was one of her greatest strengths. She focused intently on you and made you feel like you were a truly special person. She was never afraid to tell you what your admirable qualities were and reminded you constantly of what you could accomplish with them. "

I only hope that in my lifetime I can see as much of the world as Amber has. Thanks to Amber I’ve made a list and I’ve started a savings account for all of the adventures. I plan on going somewhere new every summer. Hopefully I will eventually have visited as many places as her.

It always puts a smile on my face when I think about the fun college memories we made. Amber made every single person feel so special.  She always knew just what I needed to hear to make me feel good.  Both during carefree moments of the weekends and in more serious conversations about school, relationships, or life she would put all her attention and care into the conversation.  She would give wonderful advice and brought a sense of joy and positivity to every situation.  I was so blessed for every second I was fortunate to spend with Amber. 

"What an amazing person. I strive to attain the determination, inspiration and sensationally fun guidelines that Amber lived her life by. No one stuck to a goal quite like Amber. With quotes and ambitions outlining her walls, desk and anywhere else she might happen to see daily, she constantly reminded herself of who she wanted to be. Amber knew what it meant to be a good person and so she was. She knew what it meant to be a successful person and so she was. She knew what it meant to not let your life pass you by, and so she didn’t and made sure to live every moment to the fullest. And most importantly, she knew what it meant to be a friend… and so she was… the best."

It is rare that you meet someone who can change your perception of the world. Amber did that for me. She was a beacon of light. She lit up the world of anyone who was lucky enough to know her. She taught me that life is an opportunity to play. She was, in all the good ways, a big kid. She would dance when she felt like dancing, she would sing when she felt like singing, she would slap you on the ass when she felt like slapping you on the ass. What she felt, she did, and she never gave two thoughts about who was around or who was watching. She worked hard and played harder. It seemed as though there was nothing she couldn’t do, and she would motivate you and make you feel the same way.

Amber was a person who was full of life.  At any moment you would be expecting her to take on a new challenge, do something new, and have a blast with whatever came her way.  I think that was why so many people gravitated towards her…I mean could you really help it with those big green eyes and huge white smile?  I love Amber with all my heart and she is my best friend until the end of time.  No, she may not be here but I know she’s somewhere sharing every moment with me.


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